When Home Office changes the Demands on IT Support

Home office is not a new topic for companies. However, in the last few months it has become more of a focus due to the home office obligation and recommendation because of Covid-19.

Today, companies increasingly rely on more flexible working models and, for example, maintain home office days for their employees.


After creating temporary solutions for the home office in the short term, we are now slowly moving back into regular operation. Today, companies are increasingly opting for more flexible working models and, for example, maintaining home office days for their employees.

The more flexible working models bring numerous advantages for both employees and employers. However, this also changes the demands on the infrastructure, which in turn brings new challenges. Suddenly, employees have two workstations that need to be maintained, and yet IT is expected to ensure a trouble-free and uninterrupted workday. The demands on support are also changing, and the form of support must be thought through further. What happens when disruptions or problems occur outside of service hours? And how can the provision of hardware be guaranteed despite limited field support?


More Service for More Inquiries

Those who work from home tend to start their working day earlier or shift their working hours. The possibility of working remotely can even lead to employees working in other time zones. These time-shifted working hours also change the requirements for opening hours or the accessibility of IT support. For example, if the required VPN connection is not working just when a problem arises, this can lead to losses in employee productivity. This challenge cries out for an extension of service hours - and this is where the chatbot channel comes in, for example. An IT support organization can offer this channel in addition to the other contact options, which are usually email, telephone or a classic ticketing system. The chatbot accepts requests when the IT employees are off work or on the weekend, or even solves the concerns completely automatically and completely.

This challenge calls for an extension of service times - and this is where the chatbot channel comes in.


A chatbot can also provide support in the so-called peak phases, for example when a rollout of a new software version takes place or passwords need to be adjusted, and can answer frequent, simple questions directly. IT organizations know the most common concerns of their IT users and know in which areas the use of a bot makes sense and effectively adds value. The chatbot also knows where the instructions for setting up the VPN connection are located and can guide the IT end user directly to the document they are looking for. Even in the morning, in the evening, at night or on the weekend.


Hardware on Demand

In addition to a functioning connection to the company databases and up-to-date software, the hardware is also very relevant for employees in the home office. The laptop, the mouse, the headset - everything must work and should be replaced as quickly as possible in the event of a defect. The next time the employee visits the office, he wants to be able to replace his device quickly and easily, again without necessarily having to rely on the opening hours of the company's IT field support service. In order not to compromise the speed of field support and to offer IT users an outstanding user experience, the use of an IT automat makes sense in any case.

In order not to compromise the speed of field support and to offer IT users an outstanding user experience, the use of an IT automat makes sense in any case.


Placed in the IT walk-in center or in the common area of the company, an IT automat with various compartments is always available. Employees can place an order in advance from their workplace either directly or via the IT service desk. The missing headset can then be retrieved within a few minutes by entering an individual PIN code or scanning the company badge. In the event of a replacement, the defective device or the one requiring repair can also be returned directly to the tray, and Field Support will empty and refill the automat during its next service.


Short-term or long-term solutions

Service supplements to existing IT support, such as chatbots or IT automats, have often been discussed and considered as solutions in connection with Corona and the rapid switch to the home office. However, what at first seems to be a short-term relief can also offer great added value in the long term. IT organizations are generally feeling the cost pressure and the simultaneous demand for quality in the services provided - this puts IT service managers in a position to rethink the existing organization. Although in many places the chatbot and the IT automat were conceived as a short-term solution to deal with frequent inquiries about the move to the home office, they are also turning out to be long-term solutions with a win-win effect for end users and IT.

Because home office remains a topic and could become more relevant again in the short term. Those who rely on one of the technologies and tools mentioned above, or even on other technologies and tools to expand IT services, will be prepared either way and will be able to provide a user-friendly and inspiring service with benefits.