Key Features

Software Platform
Process Automation
Multi-touch Display
Digital Vending
Smart Locker
High quality construction
White Labelling
Bild_Software Plattform cora
The cora software platform offers a wide range of functions based on the latest technologies. This means that all processes, workflows and the coras that are used can be controlled centrally and the devices in them can be managed easily. And, of course, all of this from the cloud and thus with unlimited scalability.
Bild Workflow
You can automate entire process chains end-to-end with the cora workflow engine, creating new types of service experiences. Thanks to API interfaces, cora can be quickly integrated into your existing system landscape.
Image Touch Display
cora has an integrated touch panel that can be operated intuitively and thus creates a great user experience. Items can be picked up, selected, borrowed or even pre-ordered. And all this in the language of the user.
After authentication via badge, PIN or barcode, cora offers the user all devices for which he has been authorized based on the user profile (function, authorization, budget, etc.). Selection and removal are child's play and done in just 4 fingertips.
CORA Smart Vending
cora is not a drum, spiral vending machine or automatic flap dispenser. That is because our trays are equipped with high-precision industrial scales, enabling a new kind of digital experience. You can fill a single tray with multiple items and have control over the user's removal at all times.
CORA Smart Vending
cora's Smart Lockers allow IT assets to be monitored in real time. Each locker has power and LAN connection. In addition, all compartments (small, large, XL) can be equipped with a high-precision industrial scale. This also allows returns of valuable items to be monitored intelligently. By means of Wake-On-LAN and connection to a software distribution system, notebooks in the automat can be continuously updated and personalized to the user in case of support.
Modularity and features
Our IT automat is completely modular: You can freely choose the division of the different compartment sizes (small, large, XL). And you can also change the configuration retroactively. You also decide which compartment is equipped with power/LAN and digital scales. The agony of choice? Don't worry, we have put together the three most popular configurations for you.
High Quality Construction of CORA
Swiss engineering at its best. Our high quality metal construction stands for quality, safety and sustainability. cora's dimensions (185 cm x 118 cm x 77 cm) correspond exactly to a EURO pallet and allow the automat to be moved easily. Each cora is equipped with a scanner, badge reader and RFID reader as standard. In 2021 we have received the IF Design Award and are DSGVO, BDSG, BlnDSG compliant.
CORA_Mockup_side_new (1)
cora is part of your company or your internal IT offering. Therefore, you can design the IT automat completely in your corporate design - from the foiling, the lighting to the display. Make cora an eye-catcher!

Smart Locker & Vending Machine

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Use Cases

In this explanatory video, you will learn everything about the various use cases that cora enables. The use cases are defined with the customer at the beginning of the project and adapted to the company accordingly.
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Project implementation

In this video, we show you how a project is implemented. Our Customer Success Managers accompany you from planning to measuring success.
Titel Hardware


In this video we explain the hardware of cora. Learn more about the high-quality construction and modularity of the IT machine.

Software Integrations

* Already successfully integrated by our customers and manufacturers.
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ServiceNow Plugin

With the certified ServiceNow plugin for cora, a full integration can be realized in less than 15 minutes. Any cora tasks can be created directly from incidents, requests or task types in ServiceNow by the supporter, ServiceNow assets and models can be linked with cora and existing processes in the Flow Builder can be easily extended with cora actions. In this way, entire ordering processes can also be automated end-to-end. You also receive the complete report of all cora transactions directly and conveniently in ServiceNow.


cora offers standardized REST APIs in JSON format for any kind of integration into any end system. In doing so, the customer always retains sovereignty over the implementation. All functions from the cora Cloud can thus be controlled centrally via individual APIs to enable end-to-end automations or full integration. Documentation is available online via «» and any testing is also possible with simulators on a staging environment.

Data Security

The entire data is encrypted with unique tokens of the client and the communication is strictly limited to HTTPS/443 and TLS1.2/1.3. Any authentication of software is done using OAUTH2.0 and 2-factor authentication methods are also available for user login. The data center is divided into an EU cloud (Frankfurt) and CH cloud (Zurich), redundantly connected and ISO 27001, 27017, 27018, SOC 1/2/3, PCI DSS as well as DSGVO/GDPR certified and has a disaster recovery plan as well as an uptime SLA of 99.8 % p.a.


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2 in 1

cora combines the smart IT locker with the digital IT vending machine. cora thus covers all conceivable use cases as a single product. This gives you clear cost advantages and you also save space at the new touchpoint.

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Software Platform

cora is first and foremost a software product. Our powerful platform from the cloud enables seamless integration into existing systems. This allows entire process chains to be automated and new types of service experiences to be created.

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User Experience

cora convinces users with intuitive self-services. With just a few «fingertips», the desired IT assets are released. This guarantees an outstanding user experience at this innovative touchpoint.

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From implementation to ongoing operation: Our Customer Success Team supports you in successfully achieving your objectives with cora. In addition, we offer you a support organization that is available to you 24/7.