Marcel Leonhard 2

Marcel Leonhard

Head of Product Management

Marcel Leonhard has many years of expertise with software and hardware architectures as well as in the digitization and automation of service organizations. He is considered the «brain» of the CORA IT automat and is responsible for product development.
Saifudin Sharityar

Saifudin Sharityar

Head of Customer Success Management

Saifudin Sharityar is «Mister» Customer Success of CORA. After all, no one has realized more CORA implementations than he has. Together with his team, he is responsible for all projects and is always focused on ensuring that his customers achieve their objectives with CORA as quickly as possible.
Dorian Schinagl

Dorian Schinagl

Automation Expert

Dorian Schinagl is a passionate evangelist of modern IT end user support. He combines his practical experience in IT support with the latest technologies to create beneficial overall solutions. He knows how to make IT support faster, more digital and more efficient.
Frédéric Monard pidas

Frédéric Monard

Head of Partner Management

Frédéric Monard is a service leader with a vision for novel customer experiences from the perfect interaction of people and technology. He is CEO of pidas and its parent company polydata. He is also co-founder and Chairman of the Board of swiss moonshot ag (aiaibot).
Roland Waniek pidas

Roland Waniek

Automation Expert

With over 20 years of experience, Roland Waniek is an expert in modern IT field support. He is happy to demonstrate how CORA can be used to take IT field support to the next level: Improve user experiences while realizing rapid efficiency gains.

Rosina Genovese

Marketing Manager

Rosina Genovese is responsible for CORA Marketing. As a prospective business psychologist, she is enthusiastic about psychological thought and decision processes. Always with the aim of offering customers suitable and refined products and services.


CORA was born out of a customer impulse to make IT field support faster, more digital and far more efficient. In summer 2016, we drew the first hand sketch of our «IT Kiosk» and shortly thereafter developed a prototype and immediately presented it to our customers. First launched in 2017, CORA has now been on the market for 5 years and has continued to evolve. V1 was followed by V2 in December 2019, which has achieved great market success and is used by well-known customers from various industries. The journey continues, of course: with Gen3, pidas will launch the latest version of the IT vending machine in the summer of 2022. It's wow-time!
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What we stand for

CORA is part of pidas - The smartest IT support company. We lead our mission in the CORA team with pride and passion. Together we act as true team players, are authentic and communicate clearly. We don't get distracted but always stay focused on creating more efficiency and an improved user experience for our customers with CORA. That motivates and drives us. We make it possible. For you!

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