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As part of its digitization strategy, the Swiss bank relies on pidas and its intelligent IT automat CORA for IT outsourcing.

Initial Situation

In 2017, Bank Valiant decided to change its IT outsourcing partner for IT workplace support. The bank's large branch network places extraordinary demands on support.

In the wake of the digital age, the bank wanted to develop a strategy that aimed to increase efficiency through digital solutions while improving the user experience.Internal IT services should also be improved as part of this new overall digital strategy.

To determine the current ACTUAL situation, pidas analyzed all IT tickets over a longer period of time and sorted them according to whether or not they could have been solved digitally by an IT automat instead of taking up the time of IT agents. Based on the results of the study, different use cases were developed as examples of what kind of IT problems could be solved in the future with the help of an IT automat.

CORA fits in perfectly with our digital strategy.“

René Kohler, Head of Informatics

Our Solutions in Use

IT Automat CORA

Use the opportunities of digitization and automation for your IT field support as well. With CORA, you can increase the user experience and save costs at the same time. The intelligent IT automat is available to your users 24/7 and relieves the IT field support. But above all, it makes it much faster and far more modern.

IT Field Support

Classic field support has had its day, is too slow and very cost-intensive. Use the strong field support from pidas instead. We help you reduce costs in IT field support and increase quality and user experience at the same time.


CORA was immediately very well received by the end users, as it quickly became clear what advantages the IT automat offers. The end users can obtain the desired replacement device flexibly in terms of time with their personal code from the corresponding compartment of CORA, around the clock if necessary. This increases end user satisfaction enormously.

In addition, the entire service organization becomes more efficient, since the field supporters have to spend much less time in the car, leaving them more time for other services. IT thus also enhances its internal bank image and is perceived as an efficient service organization. It also makes an important contribution to the bank's digital strategy in general.


Valiant is an independent retail and SME bank operating exclusively in Switzerland. It offers private clients and SMEs a comprehensive, easy-to-understand range of services in all financial matters.

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